We’ve all seen the amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ in photographs of Insta – when someone follows is proudly share an incredible body transformation.

But often behind the wide smile and a fresh gym kit, there is an inspiring story has not yet been said about how they embarked on their journey to a healthier self.

If you are in need of a little motivation to change their lifestyle for the better, you’re in the right place. We’ve searched high and low for the most empowering personal accounts of women who have obtained in the best shape of your life – because the fat has been losing, gaining weight, increase their fitness or improving your diet.

Using different exercise approaches and nutrition and a positive mindset, these 10 women show that injuries life-changing, illness, low self-esteem and other challenges as large life like motherhood, anguish and pain, should not be an obstacle to feel good about yourself.

Let’s see the 10 Best Women’s Body Transformation Story, Before & After Photos below.

1- Ashley Madison Fitness


183 pounds to 121 pounds.😱

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.

Have faith in yourself,establish self discipline,change your mindset and learn to love taking care of your body💕. We all start somewhere, if I didn’t take action and decide to do it for me I would not be where I am today,so cut the excuses and PUT IN THE WORK! My DMs are always open if you need the extra motivation to get started or have any questions at all.

P.s if you have started taking care of yourself mentally and physically I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF YOU, keep going, keep pushing yourself past your “limits” !Investing in YOU will be the best decision you will ever make

Ashley Madison Fitness from instagram

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2- mclivinit

Transformation Thursday

I have NEVER dared of actually walking out in public in a BIKINI… until today. It was hard, and weird, because mentally I am always going to be the “fat girl”. I STILL EMBRACED my skin, my curves, and WENT OUT like this. Im proud!!!

miclivinit from instagram

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3- ericafitlove

Thank yourself now. ⁣

⁣Thank yourself at your starting point, and everyday after that. ⁣

⁣I wish I would have thanked myself more when I started this weight loss journey. ⁣

⁣That woman in the start photo is the same woman who fought really hard battles and I wish I would have thanked myself for getting through all of it.

⁣Being penniless ⁣

Getting through a divorce ⁣

Becoming a single mom ⁣

Taking a huge risk and emptying her savings to open a garage gym ⁣

Losing 160 lbs on her own ⁣

Fighting Thyroid Cancer and now..⁣

A trainer on @biggestloser. ⁣

⁣Don’t talk poorly about who you were and where you started. It’s your launching pad to great things to come. It’s part of YOUR story. It’s your persistence, your struggles, your risks and YOU that makes your chapters in this journey full of life!! ⁣

⁣Chase your dreams and don’t anyone or anything stop you.

ericafitlove from instagram

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4- jansjourney_vsg

“I’m still in shock and awe of this journey. I mess up…I own up then I get up again. Don’t beat yourself up….just take each day as it comes. Perfection is relative and unattainable in my perspective, I seek only to be better than I was and learn each day. ..”

P.S I know I look real tall but I am 5’2.5….yeah the .5 matters to me lol

Jansjourney_vsg from instagram

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5- get.sleeved.or.die.tryin

Coming up on two different surgiversaries here…. I’m ALMOST 2 years post op vsg and ALMOST 6 months post op fdl abdominoplasty panniculectomy. Both surgeries have forever changed my life.

I get told a lot of times by people outside the vsg community that surgery is the “easy way out.” It’s not. It’s a tool and if not used properly you’ll gain everything you lost back. You have to use the tool as a jumpstart to getting your life back. It’s not going to control the amount of food you eat when restriction goes out the door, it’s not going to control what bad foods you put into your body, and it’s not going to change your mindset.

You have to be FULLY READY to transform not just your body, but your mindset. COMPLETELY transform the way you think about, feel about, and talk about food and your lifestyle change.

When you transform your mental then you’ll be successful.


get.sleeved.or.die.tryin from instagram

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6- sians.wwjourney

TBT 💙 hey there to all ma new followers, thought I would just share my journey and tell you a little about me ☺️ last January I joined @ww.uk feeling so so low after spending the entire festive period feeling just a shell of my former self ❌ I found myself secretly dreading social events where I wasn’t in my comfort zone and don’t even get me started on photos 🤣 it’s the worst feeling when your stomach drops at every photo you see of yourself – I felt almost in disbelief when I would see one like OMG how am I this big now ❌ decided something had to change, I felt like I had a moment decided enough was enough and haven’t looked back since! I lost over 5 stone and went from a size 18 (sometimes 20 😬) to now a size 8 and I just can’t get my head around that sometimes after wasting so many years telling myself I was always going to big and it was my frame etc and that I would never be someone who could get fit and feel healthy but it’s simply not true. If I can do this anyone out there can, we only have one body and when you start looking after it, it can do amazing things. I’ve gone from a girl who would try to not walk anywhere and be out of puff when I did to someone who has run a half marathon – like I promise you anyone can do it if you are willing to put in hard work and dedication! Thank you to @ww.uk for helping educate me with portion sizing and helping me choose food that fuels my body! I started my journey following people on here which gave me inspo and helped me set goals, so I’m always always happy to answer any questions or even just have a chat with anyone about how they are getting on 💙 I’m so proud of myself for how far I have come not just physically but mentally, learning to accept and love myself again little bit by little bit 🥰 thanks to all the fab inspirational people on here 🥰

sians.wwjourney from instagram

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7- marillewellyn

I used to see pictures of fitness enthusiasts, business owners, & successful people and think “that will never be me.” I thought “I don’t have that kind of discipline.” “I am not that kind of person.”

Fast forward a couple of years, and I am that person. The truth is, you can teach yourself to be whoever you want. Nobody is born special. I used to be someone with no self value, no discipline and no goals. My mental and physical health were slowly deteriorating. To put it simply, I was a mess.

Hitting rock bottom was like a slap in the face. I woke up, and I saw how much potential my life had. I channeled my emotions into a fierce determination. To become the best version of me I possibly could.

It all sounds cheesy, but if I can do it SO CAN YOU 💪🏼 Let’s do this together!!!! Love you guys ❤️

marillewellyn from instagram

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8- emrickettz

From I want to be SKINNY to I want to be STRONG 💪🏻 There was nothing wrong with how my body looked before. There was everything wrong with how I treated it and how it felt. I used to see exercise as a way to earn or burn something I’d eaten or a punishment for the way my body looked. I was stuck in an endless cycle of skinny tea’s, fad diets, binging and restricting. Then I stopped using short term solutions and expecting long term results and started working on building a body & a mindset that would last me a lifetime, not just one “for the beach”. Motivated by how much STRONGER I was getting rather than how much SMALLER the number on the scales was. Your body, your rules, my body, my rules. This is what healthy, happy & strong looks like on ME — and it FEELS so damn good ❤️💪🏻

[Left was late teens, right was a few months ago!]

emrickettz from instagram

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9- angelcrickmore

We never can predict how the results will be but one thing is for sure, you will feel victorious 💪

We’re so attached with outcomes and the steps it takes to get them as quickly as possible. What I’ve learned, and what I want to share with you, is that disconnecting from the outcome is how you get the result. Have your goal and let things happen .

Comment bellow what are stopping you to reach your goals? 👇

@tag your friend that need your support ❤️

angelcrickmore from instagram

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10- fitbritt_vsg

I remember taking the picture on the left right after surgery, it was one of the first workouts after I was cleared and I remember thinking to myself, I can’t wait til this is my ‘before’ picture… I think it’s save to say it can now be used as a before picture. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get after it 🔥💪🏽 •

Also, can someone please tell me why it’s almost impossible for me to keep my tongue in my mouth at the gym 🙄😂

fitbritt_vsg from instagram

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