About Sefa YAMAK

He was born in Turkey, Rize (19.02.1982) . He spend his childhood years in Rize. While he was studying at Yeditepe University in the department of International Relations he started to being interested in photography. After he graduated from the university, he started to travel most of the Anatolian cities to sustain his fathers construction company business. During these travels he started to capture that ‘moment’s of various cultures and appearances, which Turkey has a lot.

In 2011, he started to be got known on social media after his first project, Samsung ‘’Durdur Zamanı’’. In the same year, he launched ‘’Sefa Yamak Photography ’’ agency. In this boundless digital word, he creates marketing strategies for the corporate trademarks from all around the world with managing all the communication process from the very beginning until the end.

In 2015, he composed all the social networking trends together in the name of #instart and he brought something new to our lives with holding the Turkey’s first concept Instagram competition.

In 2018 & 2019, he also composed two exhibitions under the name of “ U N T I T L E D P O R T R A I T S “ with Bioderma Turkey.

While he is running his personal projects with the motto of ‘’ Photography is the only language that can be understood in every corner of the world’’ , in the same time he keep continue to share his technic and aesthetic based experiences with his followers via giving instructions and organising workshops.

CV available upon request


Photographer: Sefa Yamak
You can find him website at this link.