Netflix is probably the most important detail after social media sites. The media, which has quickly attracted attention with its seasons and original contents published every week without waiting for waiting, brought innovations that changed the functioning of the world of cinema and television. We have summarized Netflix’s most popular and most popular original series for you.

When They See Us (IMDb: 9)

The series tells the story of five young men accused of raping a woman walking in Central Park, New York in 1989, with only four episodes. With an impressive cast, we also see the names of teachers like Joshua Jackson. Netflix’te series published on May 31, the story really heavy and sad to digest. With a lot of nominations for the 2019 Emmy Awards, we recommend the series, which already looks like a postage stamp, for those who like to adapt to the scenario of the real story.

Russian Doll (IMDb: 8)

Russian Doll, which will begin on February 1, is a comedy with Netflix. The series, which will consist of eight chapters, tells the story of a woman named Nadia, who joined the same party and died at the end of the night. Amy Poehler sits in a chair producer.

The Spy (IMDb 7.8)

The Spy, which brings us back to the 1960s, is about Eli Cohen, the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, which is still a legend in this country. Eli Cohen, which intersect with the organization, which is looking for an agent to be sent to Syria, find themselves in a dangerous mission that will last for years. For the period and action movie lovers we recommend the series starring the famous actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Crown (IMDB: 8.7)

The Crown, on the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England, tells the story of the queen of his youthful marriage to marriage throne. The third season of the series will be published in 2019, the season continues to skip periods in two seasons, so the character of the player update. In the first two seasons, Claire Foy and Matt Smith plays a major role on the series for a third season and fourth of Helena Bonham Carter, especially an exciting new team is waiting for us.

You (IMDb 7.8)

You start with a strange obsession Joe, who falls in love with a woman named Beck. Joe revealed the real face when the events involved, sometimes even if you find yourself wanting to watch the next episode. There is also a sub-message to recognize the dangers of social media and technology. Penn Badgley, starring Gossip Girl.


Atiye series has been on the agenda since the day it was announced. Trailer of Atiye, both Netflix original production Turkey, was released. Atiye series, which includes actresses like Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger, Melisa Şenolsun, Basak Köklükaya, Civan Canova and Tim Seyfi, the discoveries made during excavations in Göbekli Tepe changed the life of a young painter and pursued a secret about her past. This.

Stranger Things (IMDb: 8.9)

The most popular Netflix original series, Alien thing, has won the love everyone even though the children’s character. In the 80s, science fiction series will be lost when a character named Will suddenly started. Things are evolving with the mysterious Eleven, a girl who was out of town to find Will. Winona Ryder and David Harbor, as well as a talented actor as talented actors Millie Bobbi Brown also eye-catching.

Narcos (IMDb 8.8)

Narcos tells the story of the world-famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. DEA agent Javier Pena and Steve Murphy’ın activities in this process will be watching the series Escobar’ın tell audiences both rise and fall. In the third season, the series focuses on Cali Cartell and narcos: Mexico focuses on drug dealers in Mexico.

La Casa De Papel (IMDb: 8.6)

It is very likely that makes Spain-La Casa De Papel followed by the Turks rather than the Spaniards. Stories from the group attempted to rob the Spanish Royal Mint under the leadership of a genius called Professor. Despite the end of the series, which started very quickly at the beginning, connecting to the Turkish series, we look forward to the second season in 2019.

After Life (IMDb: 8.5)

Series Ricky Gervais’ latest After Life so popular that Gervais immediately started writing the script a second season. Tony’s beloved wife after losing his beloved wife to cancer, the mourning process is processed in the series. The first season consists of six episodes, and integrating both sadness and humor were very good. Office and Ricky Gervais fans will love the series in one day you can eat and devoured.

Mindhunter (IMDb: 8.5)

Netflix Mindhunter psychological thriller, a rumor is rumored that the first season before the publication of the second season has received approval. The series, directed by renowned director David Fincher, explaining how the FBI agents have come up with the concept of a serial killer. Charlize Theron, one of the producers of the series, will be released on August 16, 2019.

Bojack Horseman (IMDb 8.5)

The adult animation Bojack Horseman, which grew like a drug in Rick and Morty’s prolonged absence, describes the moody and devoted version of Bojack, the star of the 90s. Even if the show comes to the fore as a comedy, it actually has a drama-containing story that touches on thought-provoking issues. Breaking Bad’s star Aaron Paul and Will Arnett.

Sense8 (IMDb: 8.4)

Sense8 who loves science fiction or love it very much or not at all. 8 different individuals from eight different points of the world can suddenly find each other and share the same mind, talent and information in everyday life.

Grace and Frankie (IMDb 8.3)

Grace and Frankie is a cheerful production that will make you laugh in your spare time. Two women, Grace and Frankie, whose husband is a friend, is the people opposite who did not get along with each other. The story begins when one of their colleagues, one day, claiming that they are actually lesbians.

Ozark (IMDb: 8.3)

Although it doesn’t replace Breaking Bad, Ozark is a good alternative for those looking for crime and excitement. Jason Bateman is the director, producer, and lead of the series, which is about a Chicago financial adviser settling his family in the Ozark area of Missouri after a dispute with the drug cartel.

Bodyguard (IMDb: 8.2)

Bodyguard is an ideal choice for the fans because they relate to events of a veteran of the Afghanistan war protected by the British Ministry of the Interior. Richard Madden, known for Game of Thrones, playing the role of political intrigue. The series, which has six episodes, is also able to collect the award.

Manhunt: Unabomber (IMDb: 8.2)

One of the most impressive series Netflix, single-season mini-series Manhunt: Unabomber Ted Kaczynski talked about, which has 16 bomb attacks in 1978-1995 and never traced. Jim Fitzgerald FBI criminal scientists have developed a technique that has not been used before, and the story of the arrest of the killer is quite striking in this respect, which is the longest unsolved cases in the history of the FBI.

The Kominsky Method (IMDb: 8.2)

Series, starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, is quite sympathetic and funny. Especially if you love sarcasm you have to watch. Kominsky method, which tells the story of a former actor and former manager Sandy Kominsky Norman, deals with the issue and friendship duo had to deal with old age.

Orange is the New Black (IMDb 8.1)

Orange is the New Black, one of the numerous awards the most-watched Netflix, also has won, including the Golden Globe and Emmy. Piper Chapman, a woman from New York, went to jail for 15 months, and the subject of both drama and comedy. The story of characters who are trying to get used to life in prison after his lavish life quite interesting that he received approval even for the 7th season of the series.

The OA (IMDb: 7.8)

One of the popular science fiction series The Netflix is ​​OA. Prairie Johnson, who has been missing for seven years, began to meet with his family in the hospital.

Dogs of Berlin (IMDb 7.5)

Dogs made in Germany from Berlin, as the name suggests, is set in Berlin. Two national detective, one German and one Turkish, began working on the murder of Turkish football players who have been best to play for the German national team. Focusing on Neo-Nazis and racism, the series reveals the underground scene of Berlin.