2019 is the year to replace up decorating your living room? If that’s the case, we have compiled a list of more than 20 interior layout living thoughts that our decorators find suppose concept of infinity. If you are right in a design of contemporary living room completely or want something a touch more traditional in feel; we have you covered.

Single room dwelling designs to abstract and interesting decorating ideas living room, all the tips and advice you want to raise your living room posteriorly, are suitable here intending to assimilate.

Section your living room using furniture to create a multi-useful and multifaceted residing space. interior design living room is all that about the proper use of the gap that has to be noted that (either small or large) and sectioning the gap with the furniture is an incredible way to do this.

A glass table espresso coffee on a carpet, chair cocoon in the middle of a sofa and two chairs tight turns within perfect seat, the remaining gap out of place to eat, kids play place or space job. Living room decor is all about functionality and flow, and compartmentalize space is a smart way to achieve both, in a subtle way.

Compact side tables are exceptional to release the area into a living, even as giving you the surface area and the capacity you need. Metals are very suitable in now, and we are seeing a number of gold, silver and bronze are working on designs and exciting shapes.

San Fransisco, California

Side tables with glass top metal base frame work wonders in setting up the area to design living room. dual side tables and sofa cause consoles allow you to ditch heavy equipment furniture such as shelves and sideboards in the current and practical desire something.

Moscow, Russia

No need to tell the benefits of nesting tables – secret space saving speaks for itself. Three tables occupy the space of one, however, as soon as you have guests around, there is more than enough surface for cups of espresso coffee and glasses of wine. Our preferred styles for the moment, are round tables with metal frames, and we’ve seen a couple of tables hexagonal nest caught our attention as well.

Kyiv, Ukraine

If the design of the dwelling room is not complete without an authentic piece of furniture to make a statement, then do it with a bold console table. We can not get enough of designs Hervé Van der Straeten – the use of bronze is not like anything else we’ve seen, and his pieces are clearly amazing.


However, if your finances living room decor really not exaggerated a little Hervé, then keep your eyes peeled for consoles, with clean lines and crisp, which help transmit the summary in the day.

Moscow, Russia

One of the biggest changes in the evolution of interior design is that it is not necessary to follow tradition and have a sofa in her living room as every one does. Be bold, be different. Zanja classic sofa and choose something else, as the seat of the bench, a set of relaxed chairs or chair or sofa.

Warsaw, Poland

With minimalism, eventually starting to lose momentum in the world interior design, fashion explore ways you can add visual interest much sought after in your room design housing, whereas what is specific in his house.


We like the truth that resides anteriomente room that uses a series of tones juxtaposed two styles together to create a rich and stimulating neighborhood that is full of personality and elegance well calculated. Follow shaped by keeping your color palette and print specific combinations for consistency and preserve scale into account as each element must be harmonious with each other, particularly in a small room housing.

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Budapest, Hungary

Winter House

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