Do it yourself hacks are awesome. You can make little jokes to your friends or you can use some hack tips, get more easier to your life. Useful paintings or any hacks, that will let you get things done faster and attract more easily, giving you more time to get on with things that are more important, like gambling with your dog or save the world.

Hacks existence however, is not so. This is a parody lifestyle hacks, hacks where so creative in vain that the only thing that they are accurate to make you chuckle uncontrollably. Which I guess is to stop its own right? It is a sequel to the previous pro-tip our shit list, which proved very popular!

Scroll down the list below and wonder at the absurdity of it, but some things you do not take the recommendations on board this terrible, because some of them are obviously quite dangerous. Is the sound of your favorite though!

Learn How To Whiten Your Teeth

Anti Snooze Alarm Clock, Do NOT Try This At Home

DIY a Velcro Paintbrush Holder

DIY Oil For Skin Around Nails

 It’s time for some magic! – Fake Cut

DIY Shiny Pen

Flexible One Meter Ruler

Watermelon Shaped Notebook

Heart-Shaped Paper Clip

Prank like a Rebel! Handy Writing Prank

Prank like a Rebel! Plastic Wrap Trap

Rubber Band Phone Lock

Soy Soda