We all love taking photos. What if we had simple solutions that could create a much different ambiance in the photos we took? In the study of our research team, you will be able to create beautiful environments and take photos in materials that you can easily find in your home. Everyone will love the photographies we take.

Let’s look at how we can make these photos beautiful together.

Slinky Photo Effect

With the help of a slinky that we can find everywhere, you can get a very nice effect whether outdoors or indoors. All you have to do is extend the slink and face it.

Rainbow Bridge

You can create a rainbow all together while having fun with your friends outside. All you have to do is persuade your friends to take photos.

Sprinkled Alphabet Effect

Extend your camera lens in a roll with a book page. Paint the alphabet cake that you will get from somewhere in black. While your friend spreads the alphabets on the open book, take a photo of your friend from the lower diagonal view. We are sure you will love this effect.

Bookmark Love

A really creative way to show your lover how much you love her. All you need is a circle-shaped object, a book and some sunlight. If these are with you at the same time, you can take perfect heart shapes photos.

Rainy Photo Frame

Did you know that you can use a simple frame as a photo effect? Empty a frame that is ready in your home. Then spray some water on the front of the frame. Take the selfie by taking the water sprayed glass in your hand.

Blankie Selfies

If you have a patterned tulle in your home, you can apply this effect very easily. All you have to do is cover your tulle in the sunlight and take a selfie. We are sure that very good results will be produced.

Photos Under The Ice

The weather is very cold. Who doesn’t like a photo under the ice. Find a glass table. Spread the ice cubes you bought from the cupboard on this table. Then lie under the table. To take this photo, you must persuade a friend to take photos for you. Pose for your friend who photographed from above and see the results together.

Use A Projector In Your Photoshoot

Projectors are excellent colored light sources. At the front of the projector that you project on the wall at night, you can take pictures while you hit the perfect images reflected from the projector.

Playing With Shadows

Shadows and reflections provide great environments for photo shoots. As in this video, you can take very creative photographs by using any object that can create a shadow for you.

Pool Party Photography Tip

You decided to have a pool party with your friends on a beautiful day. You want to take pictures to immortalize these beautiful moments. Just at such a time, you can use this smart photo shooting method and share it with your friends. We are sure your friends will like these photos.

Stunning Mirror Photography Trick

Mirrors are objects used for many effects in photo shoots. You can create many effects with the mirrors around you, or you can make a reflective photo work using this mirror fixed on the wall and half of your body.

Mirror Reflection Photography

It is possible to create beautiful illusions and effects by using the power of mirrors in outdoor environments.

Photoshoot With Projector

Underwater Photography Hack

While swimming in the pool or the sea, you want to photograph the bottom of the water, but if you do not have a specialized camera for this, you can take very nice pictures using this smart method. Put your mobile phone in an empty glass and safely dip it in water halfway. You will be very happy to see the resulting photos.

Photo Hack With Glasses

You can create beautiful natural effects using a pair of sunglasses or an optical spectacle, natural filters and frame shapes that are their own feature.

Fake Mirror Photography

Amazing Photo Effect With Plastic Bottle

Studio Effect

Circle Light Photo Effect