Homes are the living spaces of all of us. Beautifying these places has a positive effect on our lives. We can do all of our daily routines at home, such as sleeping, resting, working. From this point, the beautiful changes in these places should ensure our lives, our communication with people, and most importantly, we feel good.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how we can beautify our homes. We offer you tips on how we can reconstruct our unused old objects by adding them to our lives.

Indoor gardening hacks that make you throw your hands up and sprout!

With the plant sprouting and plant animation techniques you will see in this video, you will now have much more vivid plants. After reviving our plants, we see ideas about how we can use them as decoration objects in our home.

In order for a cactus to take root, we can put it in a ripe banana. It helps to root the potassium cactus in the banana and build a strong root net.

If we want a sprout to be seeded, we can put it in a used tea bag. The nitrogen, minerals and moist environment in the tea bag enable the seed to sprout and grow rapidly.

Make a hole under a plastic container as you can see in the third part of the video. Place cardboard of the same size in this hole you will open. Then cover it with soil. We now have a perfect pot! You can design your own unique flower pot by hanging these flower pots in various sizes and various heights. Then all you have to do to grow the plants will be watering them from the top.

As you will see in the other video piece, you can hang your hangers on your wall so that they are not used. All you need to do is let the ivy wrap all the wires to get the perfect wall decor from this metal mesh net.

Show off your green thumb inside your home

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Show off your green thumb inside your home🌱

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Would you like to use cactus as a magnet on the door of your fridge? To do this, all you have to do is pierce a wine stopper in the middle and attach a magnet to it. You can hang a small skulent in the hole you have opened and hang it on the door of your refrigerator.

If you want your plant to grow quickly, fold a piece of foil and dip it into your sakut with a stick and turn the light reflected by the foil into your plant. The extra sun rays that the foil will reflect will allow your plant to get more sunlight and grow faster.

If you want your plants to get rid of the caterpillars, smash the stem of your peppers in the water. Then drain the water with chili pieces. Put the drained water in a spray bottle and squeeze it on your leaves. When you do this, you will see that the caterpillars never come to your flowers again.

Or you can make a very beautiful decorative product with the help of a rope. Fold the rope from the required places as shown in the video, hang it on your ceiling and enjoy this beautiful design.

Hidden Pot Pocket

You can secretly eat your m&m’s by making a secret storage compartment using a fake plant 🙂

Grow Mini Garden

In this video, you will see the insemination methods that you can do at very low cost to inseminate your plants. We will be very happy if you share the results with us after your trials.

Rose Shaped Stamps

Using an rose shapes and paper bag, it is possible to make a decorative object that you can place in your flower pots. Make a very beautiful decorative product by dipping rose shapes in a little paint and stamping it on your paper bag.

Make A Flower Pot From PVC Pipe

You may want to make a beautiful flower pot that will decorate your wall using a pvc pipe. Sort the PVC pipes in the desired sequence, paint the bprues to a color you like. Cover the open holes of the pipes on the side of the plants with a foil. Put soil on it and bury your seeds in the soil. Water it and watch your seeds grow and the appearance of your gum.


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