Painting is the oldest art from the first humans. It started with enabling people to communicate with each other, and this way of communicating became more abstract and much deeper and meaningful works were produced. Painting is an action that has been used by humans for tens of years and has entered human genes. For this reason, it makes sense for everyone.

Painting has influenced every area from traditional handicrafts to modern arts, from design to decoration. In this article, we show you the different painting tips that we can use in our daily life when we want to design a decorative object or a T-shirt.

Here are some of painting designs

You can make different pattern designs using a small paint tube.

  • Drop the paint tubes of different colors on a dark colored table. Then mix the colors with a wet paper towel. You can make a very beautiful flower picture with this method.
  • Drop the colors linearly in small drops on an empty table. Rotate your table and let all the colors blend with a brush.
  • Spread the paints that you drip on a plate in dots. In this way, you can make a beautiful flower design.
  • Have you tried making a table using a toothbrush? In the final image, you can see how you can paint a picture using paint and a toothbrush.

Be an artist with these easy painting tricks!

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Be an artist with these easy painting tricks!

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If you have a little paint tube and some of creativity at home, you can create very nice pictures. You can do this with a knife, a napkin or even a dustpan. In this video you see some of these creative painting techniques. In addition to these, you can add your own creativity and make more beautiful pictures.

Organize and recycle with these artful hacks!

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Organize and recycle with these artful hacks!

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DIY your own TIE DYE with these creative ideas!

If you are bored with your monochrome t-shirts and want to color them, you can make multicolored and creative t-shirts by applying these simple coloring styles.

Jazz up any t-shirt with these awesome tie dye hacks!

It is possible to do everything by using human creativity. You can make designs that can color your world with very simple application methods in fashion.

Bet you didn’t know your strainer could do these hacks!

Have you ever thought about what you can do with a filter that can be found in everyone’s home? The pores inside the filter can turn into a design detail for you if you use it creatively.

Which one of these home experiments would you try out?

Which painting hacks is your favorite?

Home is where the heart is with these painting hacks!

If you are bored with your walls, you can use the objects around you like a brush and create various patterns on your wall.

Crayon crafts

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Crayon crafts are our new favorite DIYs 😍

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Who knew crayons could make these colorful crafts

4 clever hacks for parents! Every parent needs a bundle of hacks up their sleeve!

Create beautiful marbled prints on paper with shaving cream and colored ink!

Make a watercolor masterpiece wit this easy trick!

Melting crayon art!

Quick & Easy No-Mess Finger Painting!

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