We need to work to achieve our ideals in life. Working is necessary to achieve our goals. However, working is not something that happens at a time, it is a process that requires a process. Being regular and disciplined and steadily striving for our goal is the key to success. In this process, even if we lose our motivation from time to time, we must recover and continue on our way. Because we have to pay a price in order to reach our targeted point. The price we pay here is to study.

During the lesson, we wanted to share some tips that will increase our motivation and help us learn faster and understand the topics.

8 Essential Study Hacks

This BuzzDeed video above shows you how we can provide them step by step. To summarize in a list, you can see the details in the list below.

  1. Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying. Chew it again when you take your test. The taste will help jog your memory.
  2. Record lectures to catch every detail.Play them back at 2x speed to save time.
  3. Type your notes in Times New Roman. Times New Roman is the easiest and fastest font to read.
  4. Lay a trail of snacks to read through dense passages.
  5. If you like listening to music while studying, stick to instrumentals. Listening to vocals while studying can impair information retention.
  6. Information retention can be enhanced by varying the places you study.
  7. Practice tests are the best form of studying. Because they rain the brain to retrieve info. You can find the tests by googling: “site:edu (subject) exam”
  8. Losing one night of sleep can impair reasoning for four days. In fact, detailed information is only committed to memory during deep sleep. So get your rest.

7 Essential Study Hacks

7 tips to never forget what you study. These 7 study hacks will help you always.

  1. Manage your time.Create a study plan.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Keep away your distractions (mobile,tv) when you’re studying.
  4. Find a good study spot, play some background music if you like.
  5. Using effective study techniques – Summarize outline the material. Take notes, Break things into smaller parts.
  6. Have a revision buddy.
  7. Eat healthy, nutritional foods while you sdtucy instead of foods filled with sugar and fat.

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